Morning habits for a productive day

Morning habits for a productive day

Wake up on time

One of the things that is sure to help with having and maintaining a productive day is waking up on time. Setting your alarm the same time every day makes your system getting used to waking up the same time. That also mean going to bed the same time everyday, have a routine of keeping your bed time whenever possible. A good night sleep mean my day would be energetic.

Make your bed

After watching Marie Kondo’s cleaning style and reading about her blog. I can say making my bed every single day does set the mood of the kind of day I will end up having. Like she says do what sparks joy in your heart. Having a well made bed does spark joy in my heart. Making your bed doesn’t seem like much but it is the little things that count. After watching Kon Mari now I make my bed with a little bit of gratitude. Thanking for serving me well, it was weird at first saying thank you to my bed in the morning but after a while it feel good.

Prayer, meditation or yoga

We all have different ways that we use to calm the chaos. We live in a busy world and keeping up can be time consuming, tiresome and expensive. So having a way to quiet all the chaos and focus on what is really important can help towards a productive day. I pray it calms. Find your rhythm, what ever works for you and makes you feel and happy.

Dress up

They say looking good helps you feel. Have had those days when beauty just radiate from within and how I look on the outside doesn’t really matter. Then there are those days when have got to make the effort to look good to help  feel good. So wake up take a shower or a bath and dress in what make you feel good. If make up makes you feel good, then go for it. I don’t know about you but for me feeling good is major factor in having a productive day. (Dress link)

Healthy Breakfast

Having a good breakfast will help in setting the mood of your morning and the kind of day you will end up having. So having a healthy break fast to kick start your day is good habit that will help towards a having a productive day.

Remember to smile and be grateful

Have watched eat pray love way too many times and every single time it doesn’t get old. By the end of the move what always stick to my mind is smile. With the chaos of life I will not pretend I always smile but when I do remember, I smile with my liver lol. Smiling with your liver is like one of those days when you wake up in the morning and beauty just radiate from deep within and just glows out like an unstop-able blaze. It is something I hope to practise more of. For me happy means a productive day.

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