Hey there!

I’m Mercy, the designer behind Amary. I’m a fashion enthusiast. I taught myself everything I know about constructing pieces of fabric together to make a garment. Because what we wear speaks for us before we even have the opportunity to speak, I believe in creating long lasting clothes that are thoughtfully and carefully made. 

I’m also enthusiastic about the technical world of computing, by profession I’m a software developer. I’m passionate about education, I think I got that from my father. I got my creative side from my mother, one of the most hardworking and resilient women I know, if only I could be half the person she is. I’m an introvert when I’m in an unfamiliar place, but a bubble with those closest to me, especially my siblings, if there is anyone who knows and understands me better it’s them. I’m also lucky to have the support of a charming, funny and a loving husband.

The idea behind Amary was to create uniquely beautiful dresses for myself. Along the way I discovered there was so much creativity in me that I wanted to share. I also wanted to contribute towards individuality and diversity in fashion.  I chose to work mainly with African prints because the of the vibrancy in the colours and patterns, and also because of the cultural richness in African textiles. I was born and raised in a small village in western Kenya and African print as fashion is something that is passed along from generation to generation. So I choose to work with something that tells a part of my story. 

 My aim is to design timeless, comfortable, stylish and high quality garments created to transcend season and time. Designed to make every woman from all walks of life, to feel uniquely beautiful in each piece. My inspiration comes from nature, love and endless randomness that life brings along and also the carefree and fond memories of my childhood.

When it comes to styling the pieces, there are no rules, take every piece and make it your own, be yourself and celebrate your uniqueness in your own individual style, besides fashion and beauty are subjective. The only important thing to remember is, wear  confidence as an accessory with every outfit.