The idea behind Amary was to create uniquely beautiful dresses for myself as a hobby, along the way I discovered there was so much creativity in me that I wanted to share.

We chose to work mainly with African prints because the of the vibrancy in the colours and the patterns, and also because of the cultural richness in African textiles. Inspiration comes from nature, memories, love and endless randomness that life brings also the carefree and fond memories of my childhood.

Our aim is to create timeless, comfortable and stylish dresses which will make every woman from all walk of life to feel uniquely beautiful in each piece of dress. All of the items are individually hand crafted with love and are made-to-order.

When it comes to styling the pieces, there are no rules, take every piece and make it your own, be yourself and celebrate your uniqueness in your own individual style, besides fashion and beauty are subjective. The only important thing to remember, is to wear  confidence as an accessory with every outfit.