Hey there, thank you for visiting my blog. To begin, let me introduce my self. My name is Mercy. I was born and raised in a small village in western Kenya. I now live in South-East England with my husband. 

I created this space to share my love for fashion. And to contribute towards diversity and individuality in the industry by designing beautifully unique dresses. My blog has grown over the past two years. I now share wellness, beauty, slow and sustainable living, and home styling ideas.  Fashion is and will remain the heart of Amary.  


My love for fashion runs deeper than the superficial feel and look that it’s sometimes associated with. To me, fashion is a tool that I can use, to channel my creative thoughts and construct a beautiful dress. I also use fashion to express myself, tell apart of my story, communicate and boost confidence. On personal level, clothing is the most intimate item I will ever own, they will always be a part of daily life, part of the process and an important tool for self expression. Because what we wear speaks for us before we even have the opportunity to speak. I believe in investing in long lasting clothes that are thoughtfully and carefully made. 

Wellness and self care

Taking care of both physical, spiritual and mental health is an important part of life. I share my thoughts on how to live your best life. Please remember these are not expert advice, seek professional advice whenever necessary.  

Home Styling

Our homes are meant to be a relaxing place where we get to wind down in a comfortable environment that brings us joy. I share tips on decluttering, home styling and simple ways to create a serene place you love to be in.

Slow and sustainable living 

We live in a busy world and keeping up can be time consuming, tiresome and expensive. I share  how I filter through everyday noise and seek happiness and joy in the smallest of things.