Cosy up

cosy up

Christmas holidays always bring fond memories of warmth, joy and love and preparing to experience this time of the year for me is best if personalised. Making the decor personalised and meaningful to your own family means there is a shared connection in the energy presented all through the home. I’m actually excited to share some of my ideas on making your festive season simple and special, this is the first time I’m sharing sharing a few decor ideas to cosy up your place.

 My christmas theme was not overly festive, I opted for  simple and neutral. I’m learning to appreciate the need for simple and living with  less but at the same time finding things that brings joy into my life and helps in creating comfort in my living space. With it being a season to indulge in savoury, sweet food, cuddles and cozy up have tried to make everything in our place feel warm, cosy and christmasy. With a few lights left after the christmas decor I had an idea to make our breakfast in bed tray have a little bit of sparkle and the lights came through for that. The breakfast try is an old one which I love for its natural feel. 

Once you have a decor theme in mind coordinating elements, shapes, texture can help with giving a harmonised feel . For example adding your favourite scented candle in gives a personalised touch to your simple decor. It’s the simple things that add to Christmas cosy up. And for the food for it being breakfast in bed I prefer something simple like coffee/tea and cereal, pancake or something that is not elaborated. 

Items on this post Kitchen Towel, Breakfast tray, Teacup

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