Favourite Beauty Products 2020

Favourite Beauty Products 2020

Before discovering the concept of conscious spending,  one of my struggles over the years was finding beauty products that are affordable and works well with my skin. In the beginning I remember being a beauty and hair  product hoarder. In the hope of finding what worked I would buy a lot of products that I ended up not using and throwing away because of allergic reaction or just because the product did not match with my skin. With the year ending I have to look into what I’m caring forward into the new year so here are my favourite beauty products 2020 .


Favourite Beauty Products 2020



My number one lip product has to be the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb. It looks good and feels just as good as it looks and for bonus point my lips hasn’t reacted in a bad way to this product . I have sensitive lips and most drug store lip products just work for me. One of the reasons I love  Fenty beauty Gloss Bomb, the texture its smooth, it feels like a buttery cream with a fruity smell, it nude with a striking shimmer and shine. I couldn’t be happier and I will just say Fenty beauty Gloss Bomb is worth every penny.


Favourite Beauty Products 2020



This year I tried Dior full coverage Foundation in darker shade.  As someone who does not put on make up every single day this Dior foundation has me cover for a simple full coverage foundation. The shade matches perfectly with my skin. Lancome’s dark shade foundations also works perfectly with my skin but I have to mix the two shades for me to get a perfect match. For 2020 I’m happy to switch between the two brands because my skin  glows and feels moisturised when I use their products.




Even though their products are always expensive, I will have to say  I am a big fan of Lancome skin care products and I always tend to buy their products only when they are on sale. It is the best time to get sample with your purchase with a good bargain.


Lancome’s  rose water with acacia honey is my favourite toner so far. The product makes my skin smooth with a healthy glow, I love the product. Sadly have run out and can’t wait for their next sale event lol. My favourite daytime and nighttime moisturizers are also  from Lancome.


Favourite Beauty Products 2020
Have been loving this avocado face mask, it rejuvenate the skin and give a refresh and health feel to face. It’s only a £ 1 from Savers and one of my best buys so far because it’s cheap and my skin loves it. This makes it to favourite Beauty Products 2020


Favourite Beauty Products 2020



This will have to be year have worn out my natural hair out the most with cornrows being my go to style. Have loved having my natural hair out, one of the things that made this easy was the products I used. This is also the year that I only bought hair product only when I completely run out so a major improvement for my bank and my natural hair journey. I don’t have a number one shampoo all I know that anything for natural hair with shea butter works well for my hair. Added to the list Favourite Beauty Products 2020, hair product will have to be black castor Jamaican oil and Argan oil.



Lip Gloss: Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb, Foundation: Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation – 8N, Toner: Lancome Tonique Confort, Moisturiser: Lancome Hydra Zen Anti-Stress Cream



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