To begin with my autumn/winter collection is here and I must say it is colder than it looks. Just like most of times I plan a photoshoot outside, the weather tends to be a complete opposite of what I except.

How was summer?

I would say coming up and compiling my summer collection was exhausting but most of all exciting. Being the first time I started sharing my designs with people other than family and friends. I had to learn a lot of things. Every little peace of item I made had to be of the highest quality, made with so much care and attention with the hope that someone is going to be satisfied and happy with them.

 I craft every piece of item with love, so to everyone who has made an order with me this summer I was more than happy crafting the peaces together and will continue to be 🙂

some of the summer peaces still tops my list of favourites and will still be in my closet for a while. For example the beautiful blue peacock abstract dress, will be one of my for a long time, because besides the beauty of the print it reminds me that, just like the peacock bird spreads it feathers to show the magnificent beauty of its nature so could I spread my wings and develop my talent, share, encourage and inspire all someone.

In general It’s been an amazing season and a big step in my life, I thank God for everything and to all the lovely people who made their orders thank you very much indeed, to my lovely friend Charmaine thank you for being my photographer, and to family and friends thank you for your support and love.

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