Foremost it’s safe to say self care mean different things to different people. There are, however, some common factors in healthy self care practise. For me a healthy self care routine means finding ways to enrich my physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Most often it’s not easy to have all three or even maintain a healthy balance. Sometimes we even confuse self indulgence with self care. I’m certainly not an expert and I’m not writing this because I know it all or have a healthy balance. I’m simply sharing because have learned and have been encouraged from other people’s stories and sharing.

Self care as a daily practise

One thing have learned is self care is a never ending practise that we should find ways to fit into our ever busy schedule. You can plan weekly or monthly ‘me times’ which is important. But it’s also important making it a habit to remember that self care does not have to involve spending. I’m currently challenging myself to have a ten minute of silent each day. In that ten minutes I focus on one thing only my breathing.

It is a challenge because somedays I come home so exhausted that I forget to breath. For the days that I do remember to take a minute and just breath it makes such a big difference to my attitude and general perspective to everything. To clarify this, is not my only form of finding perspective but it is one of the few that make part of my daily practise.

Prayer as form of self care

I don’t know about you, for me prayer is my sole go to spiritual nourishment. Prayer helps me get in touch with my real vulnerable self and make peace with the outside chaos. It helps me to choose to no longer worship the way things should have been but be grateful for the ‘now’.

There are some issues in our life too great for us to handle on our own. Don’t do what feels right, do what makes you a better person. That may require you to have a new level of discipline.

Be strong enough to choose you

The notion that we should come first is something that can rub off as a selfish act and I for sure would not want to be called selfish. But self care require us to make our wellbeing a priority. So be strong enough to choose you. Because in order to function our best be it at work or school or at home this is a necessary act that we might struggle with but should find a way to make priority.

Like always I hope you find what works for you.

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    Teeara Ida says: 4 June, 2019 at 1:58 pm

    Self care is so important! Everyday I’m reminding myself to choose me and learn how to say no to the things that affect me energy. I will definitely try out the 10 mins of silence everyday because sometimes I come home feeling so overwhelmed not knowing how to solve the issue

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