shop quality clothes without break the bank

Shop quality clothes without break the bank

For a long time I used to buy cheap clothes to save money, this would save me money in the short term, however,  in the long term I realised I would end up spending more. Because the clothes would wear off quickly and fast especially after the first wash. So decided to start spending money on quality garments. This did not happen overnight. Here are some of the secrets to shopping quality clothes without break the bank.

quality clothes without break the bank

Window shopping

Go around when the clothes just hit the store and look for items that fits within your style and preference, try them on but do not buy them just yet. If you find something of quality and you love it, take a picture and/or the barcode and keep it. Wait for a few weeks when the same item will be sold at a discounted price. This has helped me get some quality clothes without break the bank.


Personally I prefer not to shop during sales because it takes more effort to find the right piece and it is easy to get impulsive. But this is also a good way to buy quality items at a discounted price. For this to be efficient and  easy, do window shopping beforehand and go into the store knowing exactly what you would like to spend your money on. If you would not buy an item if it were full price, then don’t buy it just because it’s on sale.

quality clothes without break the bank

Off season buying

Buying clothes when seasons are changing is also a good way to find quality items at a good price. Because clothes tend to be reduced in price. I buy my winter clothes mid spring and I buy my summer clothes beginning of fall this way I’m sure to get quality for less. 

Shop quality clothes without break the bank at designer outlets

Designer outlets 

If you have a designer outlet closer to where you live this is another way you can get quality designer clothes for less. I’m not into designer clothes as much but i do love timeless and quality items. I will buy a designer only if it’s a timeless piece. If it’s on trend I will as much try not spend my money on but buy something which is going to fit well with my personal style and match with what I already have. I discovered this not long ago and have found some quality clothes without break the bank.

Shop quality clothes without break the bank

Thrift shopping

Another way to find quality for less is thrift shopping, like shopping from charity shops, you save money and also make your spending go towards a worthy cost. Also if you like being creative this also a way to get used clothes and remake them to your desired look. 

Quality clothes without break the bank by subscribing to designer/retailer exclusives

Subscribe to designers’ exclusives

By subscribing to your favorite retailers and designers you stand a chance of getting discounts and if they offer point based buying this is a bonus.


These are just some of the ways to buy quality garment that you love and not break the bank. I hope loved reading this. Thank you very much for stopping by. If you aren the look for custom made dresses please checkout my collection designs here. They are timeless, unique and beautifully hand crafted.



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