Slow fashion

Slow Fashion

As you can tell from the beaming smile on my face from this photoshoot by Magdalena, who is a really wonderful person, that I had an amazing time doing this I let myself laugh, be silly and care about nothing but letting her capture the beauty of the moment.

This year has been my busiest, I have had to juggle through so many things, have hardly had any time to make new dresses. Also have had to learn the importance of taking care of my spiritual, mental and physical health,  have worked out some balance but mostly slow down from the rush and fast paced nature of fashion. I greatly enjoy making dresses and I love fashion but there is something about fast fashion that I’m finding hard to resonate with. Join me in ‘slow fashion’ were you will see more quality and less quantity. I will try yo write more about self love, self care and self discovery, let me my guard down a bit and get raw and deep sometimes.

The Dress

About the dress, when it came to choosing the print, this one had something of the current season which I love. I love the wonderful colours of fall that were abstracted in this print, the earthly tones, the neutrals and the dark harmonising together to a perfect fall mood. With my mood board filled with so much colour and so much fond childhood memories, I wanted to make something with the print that is fancy and flattery and comfortable at the same time. Apart from it being classic, the shoulders are meant to be carefree with just the right cut of sweet and delicate.


With the dress you would fell nothing but comfortable and elegant for that perfect romantic dinner that you would like to see your personality shine through or for that wedding you are looking forward to, with this African print dress you probably would be one of the beautifully and uniquely dressed guest. Don’t get get me wrong, I know that  ” …true essence of beauty is not in the clothes that we wear nor the shapes and figures of our body… ”   but there is something about  looking good that makes you feel good and a beautiful dress is a bonus.

When it comes to styling, there are no rules, take the dress and make it your own, be yourself and celebrate your uniqueness in your own individual way. The only important thing to remember is to wear confidence as an accessory with every outfit.

Self confidence is something that is natured from the inside, have had my fare shares of confidence issues but if I can write about it here I can say that I have grown somehow and I keep working on it, for me looking good helps in making confidence radiate from within, for example dressing well for that an interview will help in boosting confidence. Then there is the sartorial confidence which is subjective but one thing is for sure high quality dress that can last many years does help in achieving this. The fabric used in this dress is 100% cotton that is sure to last longer than you would think if the right care is taken. Also if you want to move from fast fashion one of the key things is getting quality and timeless garments that will go beyond seasons and last for years to come.

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