Slow Sunday

slow living

Slow Sunday, slow living

It is Sunday afternoon we’ve just had a amazing brunch, it cold outside but sun rays falls through the window giving the illusion of a bright warm day. I’m listening to Jason Upton’s In the silence through my headphones. After a long week and a long Saturday of sewing, I’m tired but in a good way, good because have managed to accomplish most of the things on my todo list this week and managed to learn some new stuff along the way.

So today I have to re recharge and I’m glad I feel relaxed, content and happy. When I was young most Sunday afternoons, after church, were spent eating and relaxing underneath a mango tree which sat right in front of our house, while listening to music through our tiny black radio, and in the evening we would have dinner sitting on the veranda eating under the moonlight. We didn’t have much but life was full, full with laughter, hope, contentment, love and possibilities. As an adult trying to make a new home thousands of miles away from home, I hope to make my own healthy memorable Sunday routines. In this moment I don’t have it all, or together, but life is all I could dream of, simple, happy, love, possibilities.

Seeking that place of peace, peace so strong that even the things that once hurt will serve into making you better.

Most days I do not see it or feel this way, if you would agree with me peace of mind of late is an elusive experience, we want more and we want it faster, there is always a nagging sense of things left undone, frustration that our life isn’t perfect or maybe we haven’t managed to accomplished anything yet. So I count even the smallest of win like sitting here calmly, writing away as a sip on my lemon tea. 

Most days I need reminders to make me remember some of the simplest values that I was brought up with and most importantly a reminder that God knows us by name and that He has our back and He cares about every little detail of our lives even when it doesn’t seem so. We need to challenge ourselves into questioning what really constitutes a healthy self care routine, does binge watching your favourite series on Netflix count as self care? I’m learning that there is a difference between self care and self indulgence buying that new phone, those beautiful shoes that dress waiting on my shopping cart will not quench my thirst but rather seeking that place of peace, peace so strong that even the things that once hurt will serve into making you better.

Here are some word of wisdom that makes me look at things differently when I feel lost and anxious. These quotes are from the bible app.

“ We should take captive thoughts that bind us to a tomorrow we cannot control and instead focus on the today we have to live  “

“ What do you do when fear creeps in your thoughts and mind – prayer is the antidote to fear and anxiety Philippians 4: 6-7 “

“God’s Word is good. It is holy, reliable, powerful, mysterious, and righteous, and there are no promises that tell me my worst fears will not come true. God does not promise us a pain-free existence ” Maria Furlough

As I work on my peace and self care journey I hope you find your way too and this post inspire you somehow into starting one.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you soon.


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