Social media detox

Social media detox

This post is mainly about social media detox tips that have worked for me. But first I would like to share my second go at diy spring flower arrangement (first one can be found here). From this angles it looks amazing. But from the back I think it is a little over the place but I love it. I wasn’t going for perfection. I’m just trying to find ways to keep myself busy and do thing that are simple and make me smile.

Because flowers are currently everywhere. Have been inspired to try d-i-y flower arrangements more. I don’t follow any guideline or style. I just take the flowers and make them my own. With an only aim of making it neutral, warm and big.

Social media detox

The past couple of weeks have been trying to limit how much time I spend on Instagram. The only social media platform that I spend most of my free time on. Have made some real good connections from on there and there are a lot of inspirational women that have found there as well. However, I have to admit it can slowly take over your life like an addiction.

First have taken the break to remind myself of why I started using the platform. And also to come up with a with more stronger reason why I still use it. So here are some of the things that have helped me disconnect as I rediscover my whys.

Try something new

Try something new that does not require use of technology. One of the things that have been of help to me is taking long walks and trying simple things like making my own flower arrangement. This is my way of reconnecting with myself for instance making simple things without the aid of Pinterest helps me to independently channel my creative thoughts.

Turn off / Deactivate

Depending on your why, you can either deactivate your account or turn of notification. Disconnecting has helped me remember why I joined Instagram in the first place. It has also help me to start doing some of the things that have always loved but never had the time to do like photography. For example I took this beautiful shot on one of my long walks. The only technology I take on my walks is my camera.

Set time limit

Having a limit of how long you want to spend time on social media is important. There is a feature that is available on most social media platforms, that allows you to set time limit and notify you when you have reach that limit. The thing is it’s so easy to set the limit. But it’s so hard to actually keep that time.

Most smart phones have a bedtime feature, which allows you to set a do not ‘disturb time’ during this time you do not receive any notifications. Again the hard part is actually sticking to it.

There are lots of ways to do a social media detox and temporary disconnection. What’s important is finding what works for you and the reason why you use the platform. I know the benefits of using social media but I’m also aware that there are also a whole lot of downsides. That having a good social media detox practices is important to keep a heathy balance.

Just to say people mostly share the good and that good may be just be a fraction of what you do not see. Please remember there is so much behind a picture that a single still shot can never communicate. Also remember you can always share your social media detox tips to help someone.

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