Unapologetic bright

Unapologetic bright

Fashion has the power and the potential to express the best and worst of ourselves sometimes even without us knowing it. If you have read my last blog you may have seen something about self discovery. I want the dresses I make  to reflect a woman fully confident in her beauty and a woman who knows that her value is much more than the affirmation and compliments of her outward appearances, that it’s perfectly okay to spend time on looking good but also to know it’s okay to feel imperfect sometimes. On the road to self discovery its good to be asking my self questions on things such as  how do I use fashion to boost a healthy inward growth and not foster a superficial sense of self worth?

Since we communicate so much through it, fashion is a fantastic tool to use in empowering and uplifting, somedays you might feel quiet  and prefer a more laid back outfit and still feel calmly confident, other days you might want portray a totally different ‘vibration’. This African print maxi dress is for when you would like to feel bold, feminine, strong and unexpected while remaining modest at the same time, pairing prints together can be a fun adventure to start exploring.

Try something new

You know you can alway try something new, if it’s prints start with some neutral prints and you never know you might just love the world of unapologetic boldness. Usually I don’t like blue that much, but there is something with the patterns and shapes of this blue print that made me want to grab it and see what I could make with it, so I went for a maxi, long sleeved dress with slightly low cut neckline. When you try something new and it feels different it  may not speak to any other person but if it can tell  a part of your story,  express your mood, your personality and sometimes your struggles its okay because thats the beauty and uniqueness of personal style. I know I am different, we all are, this has influence on what I make sometimes I mix prints with lace, sometime I cut funny shapes that speaks to me but most important I hope to encourage someone in knowing that it okay to be different even in how we express ourselves through fashion.

When it comes to styling, there are no rules, take the dress and make it your own, be yourself and celebrate your uniqueness in your own individual way. The only important thing to remember is to wear confidence as an accessory with every outfit.

You might have or will see this quote severally on this blog, in the world of social media, inspiration on how we dress is highly influenced on what we see on the internet and the media, there is nothing wrong with that I do it too, it feels great to have a style icon and ensamble them but when we dress and copy our favourite fashion influencers, we loose the sense of our own creativity, we end up expressing someone else. I believe there is uniqueness in each of us, so from time time ask yourself if the girl in the mirror is the real you. When you get the dress, girl make it your own.

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