6 steps to decluttering your wardrobe

6 steps to decluttering your wardrobe

6 steps to decluttering your wardrobe

With the new year just around the corner, I know most people are ready with their new year’s resolutions. One of my resolutions each year is to have a wardrobe purge. It’s a way of curating my closet with high quality items. And getting ready to start the year feeling organised and more productive. Here are 6 steps to decluttering your wardrobe.

1. Curate a collection

I believe as we get older we evolve in our thinking and reasoning. The way we express ourselves through fashion and what we choose to influence our sense of style changes with time. I take the the decluttering process as chance to update and create a capsule collection of quality clothing. Items that are guaranteed to transcend season, time and trends. Pieces that I can mix and match. Feel comfortable in, tell my story, struggles and the growth that I go through as person.

2. Create mood board

Creating a mood board helps in giving me a sense of how my style has evolved with time. A mood board helps with keeping a list of high quality items that are worth investing in. Pinterest is a helpful tool for this.

3. Categorise

Categorise the decluttering process by having different boxes. One for items to throw away, items to donate and items you plan to sell. There are so many apps available for selling used items. My favourite is Depop.

4. Gather all your clothing

Gather your clothes together and start by eliminating things you haven’t worn in one year. If I haven’t worn an item in 12 months I’m more likely to buy a new item than use something have been ignoring for that long. If you have too many clothes and you aren’t sure of what to get rid of and what to keep you can use Marie Kondo’s philosophy of asking yourself if that piece of clothing sparks joy. 

Some questions to ask;

  • Does the item fit?
  • Does it reflect who are now? 
  • Is it worn out ?
  • Is it stained? 
  • Does it bring bad memories?

5 .Folding/organising

Folding your clothes the right way will make your closet spacious and make it easy to get the clothes. This video shows the best way to fold different items.

6. Practices sustainable buying 

The last step to decluttering your wardrobe is practicing sustainable purchasing. Buy quality items that you can use over and over by asking yourself what clothing really means to you. This is a long term strategy to keep your closet curated and organised.

Clothing means different things to everyone. For me its is a form of self expression and individuality. Celebration of culture and life. Clothing should be fun, functional, comfortable and let you be and grow into your best yourself. I hope you find these  5 steps to declutter your wardrobe helpful. You might find this article helpful  Shopping quality items without breaking the bank 

5 Replies to “6 steps to decluttering your wardrobe”

  1. Avatar
    Windy says: 11 January, 2020 at 2:42 pm

    I agree with this list 100% I just recently purged some clothes and realized that I have to purge some more. I definitely need to curate a collection and to practice sustainable buying practices.

  2. Avatar
    Joanna says: 11 January, 2020 at 5:45 pm

    I definitely need to declutter my wardrobe as well. I did it at the end of 2018 and it is time to do it again, especially that I am moving houses soon.

  3. Avatar
    Nate says: 11 January, 2020 at 5:51 pm

    Creating a mood board is very helpful. I started to do something like this last year. Awesome tips!

  4. Avatar
    kumamonjeng says: 12 January, 2020 at 1:36 am

    Chinese new year is just around the corner and I need to re-organize my stuff in my house, my bedroom and this is a great post with helpful tips.

  5. Avatar
    Mudpie Fridays says: 12 January, 2020 at 7:41 am

    I am going through our whole house an decluttering as we get ready to move. I have got through our wardrobes twice now but there is still more to do. I would like to create a capsule wardrobe for this reason. I am also trying to think about sustainability and avoid cheap fashions.

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