6 ways to Make your favourite clothes last longer

6 ways to Make your favourite clothes last longer

This post is part of a series, on the idea of creating a wardrobe that you will learn to love. If you are in the process or have curated clothes that empower you to be your best self – then the next step is taking care of those clothes. So here are 6 ways to make your favourite clothes last longer.

1. Know your fabric

Having basic knowledge of what type of fabric you are dealing with will make your favourite clothes last longer.  Because you will know how to (1) do your laundry in the right way. (2) fold your clothes in the right way. (3) understand if your clothes needs dry cleaning. (4) Keep them in right environment.

Additionally, knowing your fabric will also make you a better shopper because you will start to understand if a material used in garment is a good or bad. Or if the fabric will be easy to take care of or if you will be spending more than you need to in dry cleaning costs. Below  are some of the fabric types to keep in mind while shopping. 

Fabric types

Natural fabric – These come from animals and plants, for example cotton and hemp are plants based and wools is animal based. 

Cotton – this is the most used fabric in human history. Because it’s breathable, soft and lightweight it’s good for everyday use. In addition cotton is inexpensive and easy to hand or machine wash. If you want to invest in sustainable items, check labels for organic cotton. 

Hemp – this is a sustainable fabric sourced from natural fibers, it’s made from the cannabis family of plants. The fabric is machine washable. Also a good investment for sustainability. 

Synthetic material – these include nylon, acrylic,  polyester, faux fur. This category of  fabric are man made. For example faux fur are made from plastic and are not environmental friendly. However, they are an option if you’re vegan and doesn’t support the use of animal fur. 

Tencel – this is another option if you want to invest in sustainable garments. The fabric is made from eucalyptus tree. The process of manufacturing the fabric consume less amount of water. In addition the tree does not require so much water to grow. 

Jute – is a biodegradable fabric plant that produces a material used in the making of shoes and other items. Among other benefits this is a durable fabric guaranteed to last longer. 

Care Instructions

2. Laundry – one important aspect to ensure  your favourite clothes last longer is how you do your laundry. It is important to remember to check your clothe’s care label and follow laundry and ironing instructions.  For example silk can be machine or hand washed in cold water. Do not wash clothes that are meant for dry cleaning and do not dry clean often. 

Remember to check that your washing machine is  in the appropriate setting, especially when washing delicate fabrics like silk, wool and delicate items. 

3. Stain removal – For those precious clothes your are learning to love, it will be helpful  to find out what type of stain remover works best on various types of stains. 

4. Delicate bag – use delicate bags to wash your delicates. The mesh is meant to protect delicate fabric during a wash. For example your lacey delicates will not come out shredded or your bras tangled together. 

5. Wash less – Some clothes shrink and fade with every wash, so it is important to wash when it’s absolutely  necessary. Also items like jeans loose so much colour with every wash which is not environmentally friendly.  I am not to say you don’t have to wash but you don’t have to wash those jeans as often.

6. Air dry – Air dry your clothes when you possible can. For example air drying silk will ensure the delicate fabric remain in good condition.  

Lastly, clothes are the most personal and intimate items we will ever own, they cover our nakedness and gives us a level of dignity. Therefore be grateful to your clothes for serving you well and be thankful because it is a privilege to have a closet full of clothes. 

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