Hello, thank you for visiting Amary.

The Beginning  

This space initially began as a platform to share Mercy’s love for fashion. And to contribute towards diversity and individuality in the industry by designing beautifully unique clothes. But this space has grown so much over the past two years. 


Amary has become a place that is dedicated to finding and sharing the smallest things that makes life peaceful and beautiful. With contents ranging from fashion, wellness, beauty, slow & sustainable living and home decor ideas. And anything that can help in improving our quality of life.


Our contributors are people who are so passionate about what they do and write. Their writings are mostly based on professional or personal life experiences. Read about our contributors here. . Through our article we hope to inspire, encourage and motivate. 


We aspire to tell stories on some of the most uncomfortable topics, such as racism, sexism and inequalities that some of us face in life, so as to encourage others and ourselves. 

Our Readers

To those of you who have been here from day one, and those of you who are just joining us in this journey, thank you very much for your support and being part of our dream.