African print dress

African print dress

African print dress

Inspiration – When I saw the fabric, I instantly had a connection with the leafy nature and pop of colour abstracted in this print. I was fascinated with how colour and marvel of nature are represented in such a unique and joyful way.  And I wanted to create an elegant and gracefully dress. A dress that would allow every woman to dreamily embrace her femininity, feel beautiful and comfortable with a sense of glamour. One thing I love about this African  print dress is it’s versatile nature. You can wear this African print dress to the office, a wedding but maybe it’s more perfectly suited for that fancy dinner or that red carpet moment.

what I need is a dress that would let me be myself and make me feel beautiful, good and strong

African print dress


I’m excited about this piece because at the time of making the dress I needed a reminder of resilience. As woman learning to understand my body, to nature and embrace every flaw, what I need is a dress that would let me be myself and make me feel beautiful, good and strong  amidst the unexpected experience I that we sometimes face, with a sense of ease. The planning, construction and sewing of this dress was as an act of creative respite. I’m also excited about the because the creative process reminded me of the need to celebrate every bit of my body. This dress will allow you to take advantage of those surprisingly cold and warm wintery days.

African print dress


I’m also excited about this piece because I can see the sense of growth in my work and how I do things. I’m always looking for ways to make things better. Learning that faster doesn’t necessarily mean quality. Even though I’m open to pushing boundaries my process has to accommodate the purpose of producing less but quality garments. I’m also learning the importance of comfort in what I make so I’m more thoughtful with what I make.

African print dress
African print dress

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Photographer: Magdalena

3 Replies to “African print dress”

  1. Avatar
    Jeanell says: 9 September, 2019 at 9:57 pm

    What a beautiful dress. I absolutely love the style and the color looks great on you! You are very talented.

  2. Avatar
    Rickeysha says: 10 September, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    This is a gorgeous dress! You’re super talented & im glad you choose to share your talents with us ✨❤️

  3. Avatar
    Nicole Flint says: 10 September, 2019 at 3:19 pm

    This dress is so pretty on you!! Melanin poppin babe!! You look great!

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