African print wedding guest dress

Prints are a classic. They never go out of style. Because I love African prints I have a timeless, unique and beautifully made collection of African print dresses. When it comes to African print dresses you will never run out of options. The dresses are versatile and are perfect for several occasions. For example if you are looking for African print wedding guest dress, then this can be an option to consider.

African print wedding guest dress
African print wedding guest dress

The Dress

The dress is unique, bold and feminine. If you are thinking of  this for a wedding, you are sure to not outdo the bride and steal all the attention but you will be one of the uniquely dressed guests for the occasion. This African print dress is beautifully cut. This is a dress you will wear for a long time, it’s outstanding, presentable and visually appealing.


African prints are bold and vibrant, therefore accessorising can be tricky. The beauty of personal style is that you don’t have to follow any rules, if something speaks to you then go ahead and feel good in it. However, because of the boldness and vibrancy of the patterns, keeping accessories to a minimum will give you a classic look. For me personally I have times when I go for the minimum and I have times when I go all the way and just find connections with whatever I decided to wear. We have an article Incorporate African Prints  which can give you some tips on styling African prints.

African print wedding guest dress


The  simple inspiration behind every dress I make is my African heritage. There is so much love and attention that goes into making each piece of garment. I love doing this, because for me, it’s not just about fashion. This is a way for me to express my creativity and share part of my story.  I never used to be confident but somehow this has been a channel to nature my confidence. This can be seen in the boldness of the cuts and not being afraid to be just me.

African print wedding guest dress


When it comes to styling, there are no rules, take the dress and make it your own, be yourself and celebrate your uniqueness in your own individual way. The only important thing to remember is to wear confidence as an accessory with every outfit.

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