Ankara Fashion in Winter

ankara fashion in winter

Ankara Fashion in Winter

Winter is just around the corner, it’s that time again when we have to change our wardrobe with cuddly and warm clothes. Ankara fashion is more popular in the summer when the prints vibration radiate through the joys of summer. However, incorporating it into your everyday winter style can be a challenge. Here are some of my Ideas of how to incorporate Ankara fashion in winter. When I’m creating, inspiration comes from anything and everything. The past, the present, the unknown, love, nature, hope and the endless possibilities that I believe in. Warmth and love inspired the pieces I’m sharing today.

ankara fashion in winter

Ankara long sleeve top

The top was actually made three year ago, right about the same time I was just getting to believe in creative side. This Ankara long sleeve top is timeless, meant to take advantage of  the early fall morning that are chilly but end up with just a little bit of warm sun rays. I’m passionate about fashion, more so the fact that we can we use it not just as an expression tool but also to show the  power of diversity and authenticity. By making individually handcrafted garment that are unique and I hope to contribute to this. One way to incorporate Ankara fashion in winter. Buy the top HERE

Ankara fashion in winter

Warm fleecy Ankara scarf

This scarf was made with one thing in mind winter. After my first experience with winter I knew I needed something stronger for the cold. I wanted it to be fashionable, wearable and most of all really really warm. At the time when i made this I loved it but I didn’t think someone else would connect to it. So when it made to one popular Buzzfeed article 24 Of The Cosiest Things On The Planet (No.16) I was over the moon lol. Keep an eye out for something similar this winter.

Ankara fashion in winter

Ankara Skirt in Winter

One thing I love about African print is that you can always find something beautiful to wear even if the weather doesn’t match your mood. And adding warm and colourful Ankara fashion in winter is just one way to dress up for the occasion in a vibrant outfit.

You can read this article on how to incorporate african print in your everyday style for more inspiration and tips. Thank you for stoping by.

3 Replies to “Ankara Fashion in Winter”

  1. Avatar
    Amal says: 28 August, 2019 at 9:43 pm

    Love love these looks especially the pairing of the red ankara top with the leather pants. Super trendy 🔥🔥

  2. Avatar
    Dana says: 29 August, 2019 at 8:58 pm

    I live African fabric print! It’s so bold and vibrant. This reminds me of the African Fashion Week show I went to last year. Cute!

  3. Avatar
    Sachea Around The World says: 30 August, 2019 at 7:55 am

    These are some amazing pieces, especially the red top, LOVE!

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