Celebrating One year

I’m celebrating one year since I started sharing my designs, I am so happy and my heart is filled with gratitude. Before I share my experience, I just want to give all glory and honour to our Lord Jesus Christ for everything. And to every single person who has purchased my dresses and accessories, thank you very much. You have helped make a difference in my life, you have made made me work really hard, you have made me aspire for more. I have learned and grown because of your support.

Ten Lessons

1. If you have something you want to achieve don’t wait for the perfect time it will never come

2. There will be many times you will wanna give up, don’t. On difficult days I kneel down and pray to God for some light. And I think what gets me through those days that I cannot even pray is the knowing that however, hard it gets God will come through.

3. Nothing comes easy, you have got to give it your all.

4. Celebrate those little joys like reaching 20 sales, getting that five star review, these will be little reasons that will keep you going somedays.

5. In various forms failure will come, learn from it and if you need a break take it but don’t give up.

6. Invest on yourself, learn something new, upgrade your machine(this will make your job easier)

7. Ask for help

8. Give back, somehow it will come back to you

9. Reward yourself

10. Take a break and reeneygize

I celebrated with my favorite lemon sobert ice cream 🙂
To all my lovely customers, instagram followers, my family and my friends with love THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

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