Capsule jewellery collection works much as  a capsule wardrobe. Where you appreciate the simplicity of a streamlined wardrobe. With the option to pair down your outfit with items that you love and makes you feel good.

Creating a capsule jewellery collection is one way to enhance your sense of style. And ensure you have a piece of accessory to compliment every outfit. Although I have done tremendous work to reduce  my clothes I still don’t have a refined look. But with less in my wardrobe now I understand the appeal of minimalism. I am happy with how my wardrobe is, with essential piece that are useful and I love to wear. So here are some of the things to consider when creating a capsule collection.

Quality matters

Building high quality jewellery collection will help you declutter your collection and focus on core pieces which can be built off. Creating a capsule jewellery collection will teach you about your personal style.  It can be tempting to buy a lot of cheap and pretty jewellery which are everywhere in stores. However, cheap jewellery will only last a short while and you will need to spend again. So find exceptional jewellery that represent your sense of style will save you money in the long run.

The ides is to keep a small collection of simple, quality at reasonable prices that you will love to wear. Capsule collection doesn’t have to be boring, if you love bright colours make sure to incorporate these into your collection, if you love minimalism also make sure the collection speaks to you. 

Timeless trend

Because your wardrobe is bound to change seasonally, it is safe to say your jewellery collection changes too. Therefore focus in choosing exceptional jewellery pieces which include essential and pieces that goes beyond seasonal changes and trends. Be selective and find pieces of jewellery that will last and you love to wear. It is a wonderful feeling to wear something that sparks joy and feels like a second skin. The idea is to simplify and tailor your jewellery collection to your lifestyle and preference.

Statement pieces

Most of the times statement pieces is used more subjectively making hard to really know what a statement pieces really is. A statement pieces is an eye-catching piece of jewellery which doesn’t have to be colourful, bright or eversized. This is the first thing people notice about your outfit. Statement piece is unique, bold and enhance your sense of style in an elegant  manner. Personally, I think a statement pieces is better worn with a simple outfit with less partens, this way you don’t get lost in there and the pieces don’t get lost into each other.

Simple pieces

Simple pieces  are perfect for complimenting your everyday casual outfit. If you are into minimal style then things like small studs can easily compliment your outfit. This is for you to decide. Simple jewellery is good for everyday use because they bring a sense of  comfort with them. Furthermore, for everyday look you wouldn’t want something which will make it hard for you to move around all day. When choosing your simple everyday accessories ensure they are wearable, functional, comfortable and practical. Your outfit should empower you to do your work best, be your best self and have fun doing it. This should be the core principle to creating a capsule jewellery collection because these are the items you wear over and over again. 

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