Creating a Capsule Collection

Creating a Capsule Collection

Creating a Capsule Collection

It’s been over two years since I drastically downsize my wardrobe. Around the same time that I decided to focus more on quality rather than quantity. I stopped buying clothes just because and made intentional  and purposeful purchases. The process of creating a capsule collection has left my closet spacious and visually appealing. There is something refreshing about a spacious wardrobe. In contrast to a fully packed wardrobe which can be overwhelming a spacious one has this a calm feel to it. I now have a clear and well organised wardrobe that I enjoy using.

What is a Capsule Wardrobe ?

Capsule collection was invented in 1970s. It means having a  collection of a few essential clothing items that goes beyond season, trend and time. When it comes to fashion I believe in making my own rules. When I did my first declutter I didn’t focus on 30 items. I took the core principle and focused on creating a collection around 12 of my favourite items. I used 12 items to create a collection of not more than 30 items that sits pretty in my wardrobe.

The process of decluttering and creating a capsule wardrobe doesn’t happen overnight. It will take a long time with slow and consistent changes to get the transformation you are going for. Revamping your style all at once can be a costly affair. So it is best to make the changes slowly and consistently. With simple overhauls of quality items that fit into your long term goal.  This article shop quality clothes without breaking the bank can help with tips of buying quality items on a budget.

Benefits of capsule collection

Creating a capsule collection helps in simplifying your wardrobe and make it easy for you to wear most of your clothes. Before diving into the process  here are some of the benefits of creating a capsule collection.


With less clutter comes a clear mind. Because everything in the closet is planned and well organised there is more clarity with the outfits. Clothes easily accessible, less clutter and less decisions to make. You end up using most of your clothes because you can see and reach them. Even though you will have fewer clothes you will not lose your sense of creativity. Having fewer clothes can make you feel like you will lose your sense of creativity. If the collection is carefully thought this is  far from the truth.

Save time

With clothes that can all perfectly be coordinated and easily within reach you will spend less time getting ready. And the time you spend in stores or online buying unnecessary clothes can be spent on something that matters. You will also have less to choose from. Which makes the decision making easier because you already know you enjoy wearing everything in your closet.

Save money

When you choose quality over quantity you will be able to save more money in the long run. Because the clothes will be guaranteed to last a longtime. A planned and well organised wardrobe will also help you to stop buying duplicate items that you already have. You can also make some extra cash by  selling most of the clothes you will eliminate from your wardrobe. There are lots of resale apps available online. With a planned and prepared wardrobe you will have no need to buy into seasonal trends thereby saving money. 

Confidence and joy

By choosing pieces that fits perfectly you will always be wearing your favourite clothes. Which can help you leave the house with increased confidence. There is something about not owning too much stuff that just feels right.

Creating a capsule collection 

You can make your own rules but remember the core principle is to have less for more. The core concept is to create 30 – 40 essential items includes shoes, bags and accessories. Don’t include your pjs, gym, underwear wear e.t.c.

Choose your items based on your lifestyle, comfort, style and quality. Please check this article 6 steps to declutter your wardrobe to help you make decisions on what items to keep. The point is to create an intentional wardrobe with pieces that make you feel good and perfectly fits.

Mix it up

Choose a mix of both simple, basic and sophisticated pieces that will coordinate well.  Follow your personal style and incorporate pieces and items that speaks to you and sparks joy into your life. Personally I have simple and comfy category and I also have my sophisticated  and classic category within my 30 items. This way I can dress down if a want to or go all the way out if I want to. If you don’t have a good quality something, slowly invest in quality. The goal is to build a collection that enhances your sense of style and offer versatile and timeless.

With your best 30 items in place clear everything out of your closet for good. What you do with the eliminated items is up to you. You could sell or donate items. The important thing is to make sure they are out of sight and you have free space to start organising.

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