Education is the only way out

From where I come education is the only way out

Have recently come from visiting my family in Kenya, everything seemed different but one thing struck me the most, my little sister who is the youngest of my siblings has a level of maturity  that I never had at her age. I could say the environment she grew up in is a little different but not that far off from my own. She is joining high school in January and as much as I would have some word of advice for her I know she already have some wisdom of her own and her experience will be total different from mine, but still she is my little sister and I couldn’t help but share some insights based on my own experience. It got me thinking what would the older version of me tell the younger version me.

Dear Mercy

You are about to join high school and there are a few things you need to know. Your primary grades weren’t that impressive but that’s okay even if they were excellent this is a new chapter, you can’t go back and change the past but you have a chance to start now and make a brand new ending, a new beginning that will  shape the course of your life. Because you are me, you probably want me to jump to the end and tell you how these four years are going to turn out, but just not yet young girl, be patient we’ll get there.

The first day of high school will be exciting and scary at the same time, exciting because dad always said education is the key to a better life and you are all ready to grab that key, at this point take both mom and dad’s advice to heart, you don’t know it yet but everything they do is out of love. This day will also be scary for all the bullying stories your big sister has told you. Good news is you will not experience bullying immediately but in a little while it will make the only closest friend you’ve made to change schools. Don’t just be a good friend speak out for yourself and others.

The first year of year high will be very hard, being far away from home, getting used to the new environment, the awful food, cramming the introduction of everything… yes you are going to do a lot of cramming for the first year. This will be the beginning of your fear of failure, we’ll get back to that.  You will also find it very hard to fitting in, it will be the beginning of your social anxiety but don’t worry too much about this as you get older you will grow out of it, almost.

Young girl there is nothing wrong with your beautiful dark chocolate skin, and your slender slim frame is nothing to ashamed of.  Beauty comes in every form and shape, you are uniquely beautiful and don’t let anyone tell otherwise.

Don’t feel left out because you don’t have an extra uniform or you because your shopping which you don’t even know can barely last a month is meant for three months, you know this is all dad can afford for now and just like dad said use everything economically, a word you have know it’s meaning from as long as you can remember. You will learn that sometimes you are never meant to fit it and that’s okay. You will meet very different people, you will want to make friends and feel like you belong, don’t push yourself too hard, a few special people will become life time friends.

You know those late night studies in the library, yes the long, boring and cold ones ones  put just a little bit more effort, learn how to manage your time well and you will find more ways to be efficient with your studies. You are doing good but as mom say its not good enough and she is right. In second year, your are going to quit computer class  because you don’t like the teacher, please don’t.  

By the start of third year you aren’t far away from almost dipping yourself into peer pressure, envying your classmates with boyfriends and trying to be trendy and wishing you could hang with the cool kids seriously they aren’t that cool and on boys you are doing good put that sh** on hold just like you have, after high school you will meet a tall, dark and handsome boy and it will be love at first sight but spoiler alert he is not even the one, so focus on what’s important for now, passing KCSE. Remember from where you come education is the only way out and this the year to get serious if haven’t already.

You will be so scared of failing that you will fall prey to the common unhealthy academic rivalry that exist in your school, if there is something I can tell you about  this is that teaching is the best way to learn something so be open to sharing. You will love geography so much much that your dream would be to become a geologist, yes a geologist, anyway you are going to make some good decision and some bad ones. The end of these four years would be a motivation to your siblings and brand new ending leading to another a brand new beginning. So go and make some experiences. 

Probably the best advice you will ever get, start having  a relationship with God now because you have no idea all the battles you will win with prayers.

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    joe says: 2 March, 2019 at 6:11 am

    Can change someone’s perception when losing focus.

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