How to be grateful when life is hard

How to be grateful when life is hard

Staying  positive through hardship and uncertainty is one of the difficult things that we human beings face through our lifetime.  It’s easy to stay positive when we are experiencing the ups of life. But how do we stay positive through life’s stormy moments? when it feels impossible to even try. In this post I share a few ways on how to be grateful when life is hard. 

I’m not an expert on positive thinking nor do I have an answer on how to make positive thinking a minute by minute habit. But I believe that sometimes knowing that we are not the only ones going through hardship can give us a sense of collective strength to face difficulty with resilience. 

If this year has not been hard on you one way or the other, then you are one of the luckiest people alive.

How to be grateful when life is hard

One of the things that have been helping me cope through all the uncertainty is practicing gratitude. Being grateful for the little joys of life, being grateful for my loved once and the people who make each day count. Just recognising and appreciating those things that I would rather not notice if I don’t look close enough. 

Practicing gratitude doesn’t mean ignoring the disappointment, the hardship  and the frustrations that life can be sometimes. It simply means finding something to brighten your day, something to make you smile. And knowing that however bad  the situation there has to be a single thing to be grateful for, sometimes this can simply be waking up. 

Being grateful has a way of creating a joy glow within us, a glow that can make us go through life’s difficult moments with more zeal. When we cultivate an attitude of gratitude that is deeper than being grateful for our basic needs like shelter or food, we create more meaning and contentment in our life. Contentment in this sense is not the absence of having and dreaming for a better life rather it’s about living, being grateful and enjoying the present while working to make things better. 

I  hope you find something today to be grateful for.  But if you can’t find anything to be grateful for today, then be grateful for the past hardship you survived and know that this too you will overcome. Please share your thoughts in the coment on how to be grateful when life is hard. 

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