How To Be Interesting In Your 20’s

How To Be Interesting In Your 20’s

By: Hazel Verbo

A lot of people tend to go on Google and search for questions like: “How to be attractive”, “How to be famous”, “How to be rich” and such, but very few are interested in knowing how to be interesting. Being attractive, famous and rich will only get you so far – but being an interesting person is on a whole new level of personal and self-development that will help you live a high-quality life.

The fact that you searched “How to be interesting” and now reading this article only proves that you are an interesting individual leading an exciting life (even if you do not feel like it). You are willing to invest in yourself and not settling for the second best. Even if you feel like your life is stuck in a rut, you always have the power to control your current circumstances and shift your mindset to positive thinking. If you want the leverage of having an interesting life that will surely encourage others to change their life for the better, then keep reading below.

Disclaimer: note that these tips apply to EVERYONE, regardless of their age. Just because the title said “How To Be Interesting In Your 20’s” does not necessarily mean it is only intended for people at this age bracket. You can reinvent your life at any time, and at any age.

Travel More Often

There’s a saying “Travel while you are young and able”, which should be more than enough to encourage everyone to not worry about money and just go do it. Do not worry about the money – money can always come back in different ways but your time here on earth won’t. If you are increasingly desperate to travel but you do not have enough finances to achieve travelling, then I suggest you save up money and earn cash through side-hustles. People who say “I do not have enough money” are making a lot of excuses not to work hard to achieve an interesting life. Get yourself out of the couch and do something meaningful. Take full advantage of your young age to go see the world, and you will see your life upgrade in no time.

Read Books

Self-development books. Non-fiction books. Fiction books. It does not matter what genre of books you read. Reading has plenty of benefits, from improving your cognitive ability to upscaling your creativity. Books offer insights into knowledge that you never knew existed. If you want to change your life and reinvent yourself, read high-quality books.

Learn New Languages

Speaking multiple languages has many advantages. You can speak to someone in their native language and you can relate to them as a result. Being multilingual opens many doors as you can easily relate to their culture and tradition. Your confidence and self-esteem also skyrocket when you are able to fluently converse in multiple languages.

Invest in Themselves

Every. Single. Day. Interesting people indulge themselves in self-care to ensure they work at their optimal level every day. How can you serve others if you are not fully recharged? They have incredibly great habits and unwavering discipline that leads them to success. Getting enough sleep (7-8 hours) is crucial to give you the best possible chance of conquering your day.

Interesting people do not indulge in harmful, self-destructing habits as they are aware of the negative consequences it could have in their daily life. They know that time is more than money and so they end up getting things done productively and efficiently.

There are many more secrets that elite people have that we might not be aware of, but the tips I have given you are very great starters to simply undergo reinvention at your own pace. Feel free to apply these tips, and if the results are not coming yet then please be patient with yourself. Building good habits can sometimes be challenging for many of us. But if all interesting people can do it, so can you.

Hazel Verbo

Hazel Verbo

Hazel is a sustainability blogger, who has always been passionate about the concept of minimalism and how interconnecting it with sustainable living can greatly transform our lives and the planet we live in. Raising awareness of the incredibly huge amounts of plastics thrown away every single day, Hazel’s mission is to encourage people to reflect and shift their lifestyle by switching into mindful consumption with sustainability in mind.

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