How to start blogging the technical the bits


How to start blogging the technical the bits

I will not be going into details of how to choose a name for your blog, or the reason why you want to start it. If you are thinking about starting one it’s probably because you have a good reason. When I first started my blog it was to share my fashion design work, but it has grown into more than fashion. If you prefer to watch this as a video please do so here : How to start blogging the technical the bits

This post is going to focus mainly on how to go about the technical bit of setting up your website.

Check if the themes come with the option of regal updates example yearly updates. No software is ever 100% perfect and should be updated at least one time a year for a theme.

Buy a domain name

If you’ve already settled on a blog name, that’s what’s going to make your domain name. Simply put, domain name is your web address where you are going to direct people to find your work. For example my domain name is

Sometimes you will find that the domain name you want to take is already taken. Originally with my domain I wanted it to be but this was already taken so I opted for


Have listed a few thing below that should help you when choosing the right hosting provider

1. Do they provide backup services

This is important because you need your work backed up. So check if the provider offers backup services and how regular they run. For instance if you are going to be posting articles on a daily basis then you need a daily backup plan in place. If you are going to create content on a weekly basis then you need a weekly backup plan in place.

Having back up is like being ready for when disaster might strike, you will be in a position to easily start again if something were to happen to your website. It is also important for when you want to move your website from one provider to another.

2. Unlimited  bandwidth 

Try to go for providers who offer unlimited bandwidth. Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred (downloads and upload) to and from your website . Some providers have a limit of how much data can be transferred to and from your website.

3. Storage space

Some hosting providers offer unlimited space, but most have a limit for example 5GB or 10GB. I would say go for unlimited or the highest number.

4. Emails

You will need to separate your personal email from any communication that is related to your website. BLogging comes with a lot of spam emails and you don’t want this in your personal space. Also it will look professional having an email service linked to your blog. If they do not offer this you can still create a completely separate email address for your blog using services like gmail.

5. Database 

Do they offer access to at least one database? You don’t need to know how to use this but as you grow and maybe start working with web developers/design having access to your database will make their job a lot easier.

Once you’ve decided on a domain name and hosting provider. Then you need to choose a content management system to use. This is a software that is going to help create, modify and delete your content.


There are several free options to consider but the most popular and easy option is WordPress.

Installing WordPress 

Every hosting provider has a different looking interface so it will be hard giving one advice fit all on how to install wordpress. My suggestion is talk to your hosting provider and they will be able to give you help with this. Therefore, I will jump to what you need to have for your wordpress to run smoothly and a little bit more secure.


WordPress comes with three free themes, you can decide to use these or you can choose a theme that fits with what you’re trying to achieve. Creating a unique branding for your website is important, which is why I suggest buying a theme which is cheaper than hiring a website designer to create one for you. Themeforest has a lot of options to choose from.

Technical things to remember when choosing a theme

1. Responsive (mobile friendly)

Responsive theme is a theme that is accessible through all devices, smart phone, tablet, laptop and desktop. If you have to zoom and squeeze to see the content on a smartphone then that theme is not responsive.

Themes which are not responsive will make it difficult for users to interact with your content. It will also affect you visibility on search engines (this is like a whole topic on it own)

2. Does it give you the option to make modifications by yourself

Can you modify the color, font and layout easily ?

3. Will it be providing updates

Check if the themes come with the option of regal updates example yearly updates. No software is ever 100% perfect and should be updated at least one time a year for a theme.

How to start blogging the technical the bits

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