Keeping your natural hair moisturised

 keeping your natural hair moisturised

By: Mercy


Moisturizing your hair right is one way to help you have healthy breakage free hair. One of the reasons for hair breakage in natural hair is lack of moisture. Here are various ways to keep your hair moisturised and reduce hair breakage.

Deep condition

Deep conditioning should be part of your hair care routine as it provides your hair with vital nutrients and helps in keeping it moisturized. Additionally deep conditioning has proteins which are vital for hair growth. 

Nomatter your hair type, this should be an important part of your hair care regimen . Some other benefits of deep conditioning include – promoting hair elasticity and strengthening damaged hair.


Leave in is beneficial for natural hair maintenance because it makes it easy to manage your hair. But the main benefit of leave-in conditioner has to be its ability  to keep your hair moisturized and hydrated until your next wash.

It’s also rich in nutritious ingredients that are important to keeping healthy hair. Unlike the normal conditioner that you wash off, leave-in-conditioner is the third step in a natural hair care routine after shampooing, and/or deep conditioning.

Seal moisture the right way

After your leave-in conditioner you need to make sure your seal is in the moisture. This is to ensure that your hair remains hydrated longer.

You can use the popular LOC (Leave in – oil – cream) method to seal moisture in your hair. 

Keeping your natural hair moisturised

Essential natural hair oils

Depending on your hair type the right hair oil will also help your hair retain moisture. If you go for the LOC method, then you will need oil for your second step in sealing moisture to your hair.  

Additionally you can use these oils to add moisture to your hair mid-way to wash the day.

Because every hair is different a few things will determine the type of oil that best suits your hair. For example hair porosity is one factor to consider before buying essential oil.

Sprinkle water

Dry hair = breakage, this is a common say in the natural hair care community, because when your hair is dry it’s prone to damage and breakage. So use simple methods such as sprinkling water each morning or before bed.

Seal and Protect your ends

Your ends are your oldest hair,  give them extra nourishment by making sure they are alway properly hydrated and protected. This will not only reduce split ends but also prevent breakage and frizzy hair. So ensure you seal your ends with some butter cream to avoid twist and tangles. Protective style is one way to keep your ends tangle free and protected.

I hope you find these various ways of keeping your natural hair moisturised insightful. Please feel free to leave any more tips in the comments section.

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    Arun says: 17 July, 2020 at 10:18 am

    A very useful post indeed. This post helped me realize the importance of moisturizing my hair. I must choose the right type of essential oil based on my hair type. I use egg mask to condition my hair. Can you suggest me some natural hair care products for deep conditioning?

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