Minimal Living Ideas

Minimal Living Ideas

Our homes are meant to be a relaxing place where we get to wind down after a long day of work, or just enjoy a comfortable  atmosphere and the environment that brings us joy. For me having minimal, clean, fresh and neutral place I call home is of so much  importance. As I get older I’m learning to focus on elements of my life that brings comfort and happiness, peace and a healthy well being both physically and mentally.  There is something about clean and minimally decorated home that just make me relaxed and peaceful. Here are a few minimal living ideas to help you get started.

Peaceful Serene Bedroom – Minimal living ideas

Bedrooms are meant for calm and comfort therefore this is one place in our home that  should have serenity and treated as sanctuary with simple and minimal basics that bring us joy and  pure relaxation. Starting with decluttering your bedroom to basics is one step to reducing junk and things that you do not use anymore. Find things in your bedroom that doesn’t make you happy and create free space for things that brings clear head and mind a peaceful calm. Things like the colour of the wall, fabric texture should matter as they contribute to comfort level and as for deco go for what makes you happy. With a minimal bedroom, having your bed a little messy doesn’t make the room look so much of an unkempt but gives it  a sense of ease and casualness with a bit of wrinkled covers it’s simple, practical and somewhat stylish.

House plant

I think house plant is one decor item that transcends time and fits into any interior decoration.  Besides being a beautiful decor item there are so many benefits of having a house plant. Plants release oxygen during photosynthesis and depending on the type of plant you like, keep in mind that some plants during the night use oxygen, so be mindful of the type of plant you keep in your bedroom. Plants are also known to clean the air making them great deco accessory for your home. I believe less is more and having quality over quantity is more important in a world where we accumulate more stuff than we can ever use. 

Cosy Living Room

Minimal living has simplicity at its core. There is an undeniable sense of calm and quietness with a minimal living room. If you live in a small apartment like I do, then decluttering your living room should be easy. And one thing I know is creating a comfortable and cozy home takes time. So start small by investing in quality furniture and little deco accessories. Take your time after decluttering buy only what really is important. A space free from clutter will create a calm environment that you will love to be in. Accessories should be purposeful with dual functionality if possible while making the room feel less busy.

minimal living ideas
Minimal Living Ideas
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