Natural hair care essentials

Natural hair care essentials

If you are on a natural hair journey then there are a few things that you will need to make your hair care routine more manageable and enjoy the process of growing your natural  hair. So here are some natural hair care essentials.

Sulphate free shampoo

Getting the right shampoo for your hair is like getting the right skin care product for your skin. It’s important to note that a healthy scalp determines so much about hair growth. So  washing your hair is not just about the stands but how you treat our scalp. And because shampooing is mostly the first step of hair care, get a sulphate free one. Sulphate is a compound that is found in most shampoo, it has the effect of ridding your hair of its natural oil. Which is a bad thing for natural hair. Sulphate free shampoo will ensure that you clean your hair but retain its natural oil and moisture. So the first thing you need is a sulphate parable free shampoo. It’s best to go for all natural ingredients shampoo.


Even if you have a wash off conditioner, it is important to get a leave-in conditioner because the compound in a leave-in conditioner plays an important part in determining how long your hair is going to retain moisture. Depending on your hair type take the time to choose the right leave-in conditioner or to decide if you need one in the first place. Some natural hair regimen doesn’t require you to have a leave-in. However if you are looking to use the LOC (leave-in – oil – cream) method then you will do need one. Most leave-in conditioners also have hair strengthening effects because of their protein ingredients. And they can also boost curl definition, reduce hair tangle and give your hair smooth silky shine.


Again depending on your hair type you will need to buy hair moisturizing cream. You can use the LOC  (leave-in – oil – cream) method to help your hair retain moisture for a longer duration.  You will need a leave-in conditioner, oil and cream. For low porosity hair use light oil and for high porosity hair use low porosity oil. Hair porosity is how fast your hair cuticles absorb water and products. Low porosity means your hair cuticles are tight and does not allow easy absorption of water. Just like with skin care where it’s important to know your skin type so that you have the best product knowing your hair type will help you get the best products.

Edge control

When it comes to edges remember to be gentle and kinder  especially if you have finer or thin hair. There are lots of good edge control products with natural ingredients. Take the time to choose the right product for your edges. Also when styling your hair avoid styles that are too tight on your edges. 

The right comb/brush

You will need different types of hair combs to actually get my hair done. First you need a wide toothed comb to help with detangling your hair. Some hair styles will require you to have a fine toothed comb or a brush. You might also need a toothbrush to help you style your edges.

Hair claws

These will be helpful when you’re washing and styling your hair. You can use them to partition your hair so it is easier to work on it in small bits. This is especially important when detangling your hair.

Silk pillowcase or silk hair scarf

Cotton fabric easily absorbs moisture making it not ideal when it comes to natural hair care. Adding a silk pillowcase to your bed linens will not only give your room a fancy feel but help your hair retain moisture and keep it hydrated a little bit longer.  


Apart from a detangling comb, you will need a detangling cream to help you easily detangle your hair. For example when you are taking out protective hairstyles such as braids. Also applying detangler before you start washing your hair will reduce hair breakage because it softens the hair and makes it separate easily.

Heat protector

This is not necessary but if you’re looking to straighten your hair with heat then you should include a heat protect in your routine. It is important to note that heat causes tremendous damage to natural hair but using a heater protector reduces the amount of damage your hair will go through.

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