Slowly upgrade your wardrobe


Style is a form of self expression. To some it’s  also an essential form of communication. Style can be meaningful at times and meaningless at others. And overtime everyones’ style is bound to change. If your style no longer express who you are or what you are trying to communicate. Slowly upgrade your wardrobe to a redefine and a refreshed look.

I’m growing to love my clothes and what they mean to me. This did not happen overnight, it took time, planning, slow and intentional purchases. When you stop buying clothes just because they look pretty, you start to build a wardrobe that suits your lifestyle. And in the process you create a style that tells a positive story of who you are and what you believe in. With functional pieces that you love and feel like a second skin when you wear. Gradual upgrade of your wardrobe requires planning  and making carefully thought purchases. Here are some of the practical ways to slowly upgrade your wardrobe.


Upgrading your wardrobe requires knowing what you want and what you already have.  One way to do this is by decluttering your current wardrobe. You will be surprised by what you find. Decluttering your wardrobe not only create a physical space but also helps with redefining your personal style.

Have got to say there is something uniquely beautiful about a spacious wardrobe and a whole lot of benefits you will discover.

The focus of decluttering in this instance is to help you determine what you would like to add or improve in your wardrobe .

This article might help with decluttering process 6 ways to declutter your wardrobe.


I have a few interests in life and clothing is one of them. I care about what I wear and how I express myself through clothing. Have got a few basic pieces – for days when I want to feel laid back. A swell I have well-constructed, elegant pieces for when I want to feel a little more extra. Out of the elegant pieces I have, have made quite a number myself. What have learned from making clothes is that nothing matters more than the functionality, comfort and more importantly quality of the garments.

Quality garment lasts longer. They are the items you can wear over and over again. Because they are functional, versatile and sustainable they are expensive to upgrade all at once. Making a long term goal to upgrade slowly will save you money. Create a plan and make small and frequent improvements to ensure your wardrobe upgrade is as you want.

Buy items weeks or months apart so you have the time to actually wear them and see how you look and feel. This way if you don’t like something, you can return and make an adjustment to your wardrobe plan. I have to say even if you can afford to upgrade your wardrobe all at once try not. Because it will not be easy to wear all at the same time.  Spacing your purchase will give you time to experiment with the new items

New brands

Discover new brands – If your style changed for specific reason, then finding brands that your beliefs are a lined to is one way to go. It’s good to know more about where or who made the clothes that you wear. Some brands are supporting some worthy causes worth being a part of.

Trends – Don’t buy into seasonal trend. Try to buy classic shapes, texture and shapes that are seasonless and can be easily incorporated into any season.

Impulsive buying spree

Stop impulsive buying – this is a hard one, that is easier said than done. It requires discipline to actually stop impulsive buying. I know I still struggle with this.

Discount buying – the bargains temptation. Don’t buy something just because it’s discounted. Rather you could use discount season to buy what is already in your wardrobe plan. What I do is go around do window shopping and if I find something that I want to be part of my wardrobe, I wait until it’s on sale. Most of my best clothes I bought this way.

I hope you create a wardrobe filled with clothes you get to love!

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