Summer natural hair care tips

Summer natural hair care tips

Summer is the best time to enjoy and let your  hair breath from all the styling and pullings. So in this post we have detailed a few –  summer natural hair care tips that should help you manage your natural hair in the heat wave.


If you are planning to go for a swim either to the swimming pool or the sea please remember to buy a head cap for your hair. Because natural hair does not do good under salty or chlorinated water. Remember to apply oil to your hair before swimming to minimise the amount of water your hair will absorb. Chlorinated and salty water dries out natural hair and the last thing you want is dry hair.  

Use less heat

Try to minimize the amount of heat you use on your hair because the sun is already causing your hair to lose moisture. Also remember heat is one of the reasons for hair breakage. There are several ways to do heatless straightening, so before you go for the drier look for some heatless straightening tutorials on youtube. 

Summer natural hair care tips

Hydrate… hydrate … hydrate

Hydrating your hair is as important as doing the same for your skin. The thing we are trying to avoid is dry hair. So hydrate your hair as often as you can. This can be just sprinkling water to your hair each morning and at bed time. You could also try the LOC (Leave-in – oil -cream)  method to ensure your hair retains moisture for longer. Additionally deep conditioning  is something you should add to your hair care routine. 

Wash & go buns/puffs

With the heat wave, this is the best time to rock your natural hair given that your hair should be absorbing more moisture in a humid environment. Try out some of the easy to do styles like puffs/buns or ‘wash and go styles’ which will give you the chance to embrace your natural curls and appreciate its beauty. Remember with the right product you can naturally enhance your curls  to be more defined.

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Light weight product

Using the right product can make a lot of difference to your natural hair care journey. Because of the  heat wave go for light weight products to avoid too much sweating. I cannot recommend anything here because each hair is different.  You are going to try various products before you can know what works best for your hair. When I first started my natural hair journey 5 years ago,  I hoarded products. But over time I now know what works and what doesn’t. I don’t hoard products any more, my natural hair care product is like a capsule collection with only all the essential products that I actually need and use. 


If you have an active  lifestyle then you are going to be washing your hair more often. So go for sulphate free shampoo. Additionally you can look out for co-wash products. These products do not strip the scalp of its natural oil, which is essential for a  healthy hair and better moisture retention. Also remember to add protein treatment to your hair care routine if you have to wash your hair often. 

To conclude natural hair care journey is a marathon not a sprint, be consistent and patient with yourself.  As you embrace your natural hair you will discover and learn more about it and appreciate its beauty even more.

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    Joan says: 22 June, 2020 at 3:11 pm

    Excellent tips. Thank you

    1. Mercy
      Mercy says: 23 June, 2020 at 2:56 pm

      Thanks love <3

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