What Christmas Means to Me

What Christmas Means to Me

I think to most people Christmas means sharing and expression of love and joy to our family and friends, showing gratitude, celebrating the end of the year and off course celebrating the birth of Jesus if you are a christian. I write this to share  with you what Christmas Means to Me.

I grew up in a small village in western kenya. And as a child the excitement of christmas was more on the special dress that you would wear on christmas day, special food that you would only get to eat on days like christmas. And also visiting Jesus in the manger, it’s a simple act but christmas was not complete without visiting the manger. 


Now as an adult living thousands of miles away from my first home, every Christmas, I miss my friends and family terribly. And there are elements of Christmas that have never changed. I look forward to attending the mass, enjoying Christmas carols and of course visiting the manager.

But I’m also trying new and simple ways to make my own traditions. To find joy and happiness in a way that connects me to my loved ones and build new connections where I am now.

Slowing down

Have also started taking the week of Christmas to slow down, reflect on the past twelve month, celebrate my achievements over the year and also contemplate my failures. And be ready to move on with the hope that God will make things right if the year is ending in a low tone. 

christmas table for two setting


This year has been hard but I hope you find something to celebrate and to be grateful for. And as the year ends,I also want to thank each and everyone of you for supporting me on this new adventure. Thank you for being here, you have helped me face my fears, discover my strengths, thank you for being part of my journey. Merry christmas to all. xx 

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