Why you should delete your ghost followers

Why you should delete your ghost followers

Instagram can sometimes feel like a thick wooded forest and it’s so easy to get lost that you even forget the reason why you started using it. This psot will detail some of the reasons why you should delete your ghost followers. 

I started my blog and instagram page to share my fashion design work. Initially it wasn’t about the numbers, it was just me having fun and sharing my passion with the world. But then I stopped actively designing dresses and wanted to do more with the blog. Because besides fashion there are a lot of things I’m passionate about. Things  like beauty, skincare, home styling, wellness and women empowerment.

So since January I have been actively researching, writing and creating content about these things, with weekly blog posts. The blog has also become a place for other like minded individuals to share their skills, thoughts and experiences with guest posts. So to say that I do not care about the numbers would be dishonest. Of course  I care if my content performs well, so much work goes into creating them. I want to be happy seeing my content engaged and reach more audience, so yes the numbers  matter but as I’m learning not all of it.

A milestone

I recently hit 10k on instagram and I was happy for a moment. Because as a content creator this comes with added benefit, it allows you to add links to your stories. And this is something I have   been looking forward to for a very long time. But  then I realised if it’s about chasing the numbers I will never be happy. It will always be about the next big number and before I know it something I onced enjoyed will stop being fun. 

This is my passion project, something I love and get so much joy from doing. And my hope for it is that it grows into a community of supportive and caring people. If that means just two audience reading and genuinely connecting with my content then I’m happy with that.

That’s why I have requested that you have a quick peep on profile, read a few captions and if you don’t relate, feel inspired, motivated or encouraged, then please do me a favour and hit the unfollow button, no hard feeling even if I know you in real life. Your unfollow can be the one thing you help my work with so thank you. 

Why you should delete your ghost followers

If you are starting out on blogging, there is a chance you use social media to share your content. So here are a few things you should know about ghost followers. 

Inactive followers 

These are accounts that follow your but do not engage with your content in any way at all. This has a negative effect on your reach because the algorithm stops showing your post to more people when it’s being ignored by your inactive followers. 

Spam/ bot followers

Just like the name suggests there are a lot of spam and bot accounts on instagram. Most often these are automated accounts that honestly have no interest in your work at all. And they will not engage with your content. Please note that not all spam/bot followers are ‘bought’ even though this is most often the case.  So if  you have thousands of followers chances are you have hundreds of bot followers too.  

Collaboration and brand work

If you are planning or are already working with brands then engagement is a big thing. Ghost followers hurt your engagement,  because engagement calculation is relative to the number of followers you have. So if you have so many ghost followers then this affects your real potential. 

Tips to getting rid of ghost followers

Spotting bot account – spotting bot account is easy, these accounts follow thousands of people while they have low followers, no post or countable number of posts such as the one below

Categorise the process – the best way to make this manageable is to categorise your deletion in alphabetical order. Go to your followers and type for example ‘a’ then scroll and manual check each account. Check  for weird names or no profile picture accounts. 

Spotting inactive  accounts – this  is hard because these people use instagram daily they just stopped engangin with your content. Here  are a few things I look out  for: 

  • If someone is following more than 4k people, chances are they will hardly see your post
  • If their last post is three years old they are probably not using that account any more
  • You can also just ask your inactive followers to unfollow you, they don’t engage with you anyway. 

This process  is going to take time, especially if you have thousands of followers.

Please note there are third party apps that can help you do this quickie but I would not recommend them. Because it goes against instagram policy. So be careful what app you decide to use. To be safe try doing this manually and slowly.  Have deleted over 500 and counting.

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